Family is everything

Dear Carman,

It has been about four and a half months since I moved out of my childhood home and into the real world. Growing up is hard but leaving your family behind is harder, and leaving behind a tight-knit family that constantly supports you in all of your endeavors is so tough. Growing up with family like that, the values you are taught are almost drilled into you because that’s all you view from childhood. Since the start of winter quarter I have had to question those values I was taught while growing up.

 I am beginning to form my own opinions and my own values, which goes against what my family might believe. Within the last few months the values have really been called into question with the latest election and inauguration of our new president. My parent’s values are not wrong nor are they negative; I just don’t believe what they believe anymore.

In one of my recent classes, my professor asked of how I was raised in more of a ‘tough love’ family of how I view certain things and how not to sugar-coat information. I was very blunt in the class and said that I was taught to tell the truth and not skirt around the edges, and I would people to be honest with me the same way I am honest with them. Being raised in a TL family, it is harden me to certain degree but for the good. I want to know that I can protect myself and my emotions because if someone tells me something negative I can take it.

I sit here looking at a group family photo that involves everyone, my aunts and uncles, all of my wonderful grandparents and also my parents and brother. You learn that whatever your parents taught you was only to survive out in the real world. The real world is tough and crappy, but we all need to put up with it. Working to pay the bills and hoping to stay ahead enough to buy the groceries for the next week. But there are times to pause and realize how great the little things are, the special things that your parents provided for you and never had to worry about. I continually thank my family in my head everyday for their constant support and love that they send to me from home. Family is family though, and no matter what I will always love them and respect all views and values that they teach me.

Throughout this blog I want to mark things that I am doing with my life at the time I write the post so I can look back and see how I have grown from the start of this. So there are three things I want to keep up on what I am doing at that time. This is also great so even as a reader you can try something new!

What I am watching: Re-watching the Ranch on Netflix

What I am reading: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

What I am listening to: EarzUp! – a Disney podcast

Thank you all for reading!


This is my wonderful and loving family!



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