Forgiveness is Needed

Dear Carman,

 “One of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart and soul.”  –Brigette Nicole

 Forgiveness has been on my mind lately, I continue to think about it daily. I believe this is because I want a fresh start. I am finally in a different town where no one knows who I really am and can change from within.  Through the last few months of school, my classes have pushed my education and the ways I think. The melting pot of school and all of the minds that are the far reaches of all over the state, even the country. There are so many people, who share similar ideals and those who are diverse, and we come together and share our thoughts in safe environments and it is refreshing. Being in a small community, the same thoughts are all that are said.

 Having said that, all of us have things we have said or done to others. We have burned friends or done something selfish for ourselves. The quote that I started with spoke to me because having the guts to find someone you have hurt and asking them for forgiveness is important for us to learn and continue to grow as humans. My grandma always told me that as humans, we always need to learn and grow and by keeping hate in your heart you can never be your best you. I believe that sometimes we need to take a step out of our lives and look at it to realize if we are doing good or doing bad. Love and kindness is the way we can live happily, and carrying around hate won’t do us any good.

Carrying hate and anger continues to inflict pain on yourself and buries deeper and deeper into your chest and makes you lash out at the people that you love. I believe that we can change this because we can swallow our pride and apologize to the people we have hurt. Life is messy and there are people we don’t like but we need to look at them and realize that they are people too. They are people with families and loved ones and trying to live and get by same as you. The more we accept people and forgive them and their actions we can move on with our lives and not hold grudges.

 To the people who I have possibly hurt or who I struggled to agree with because we had other opinions, I am sorry. I am just a human, same as you and continually tripping through life but I learn every time I trip. College continues to change me and my perspectives in life and forgiving myself and others, as well as accepting their views and who they are as a person.


What am I doing this week?

 Watching: FreshBakedDisney!


Reading: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


Thank you all for reading!



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