Time for Good-Bye

Dear Carman,


Thank you so much for reading these letters over the last few weeks, this is my last one I will be sending to you. It was very interesting to see the level of how creative and inspired I can get while writing. This experience of writing to someone without any particular topic coming to mind, and they were my thoughts alone. No drugs or alcohol were involved while writing these topics either. (Someone asked me a while back because they were so deep in thought for a 21 year old.) These posts were interesting because they are for school but I found them to be very relaxing and the ability to write freely is so nice from the day to day outlines you must follow in school. This was a new experience to me for never writing for the general public to see either.


So I say thank you all for reading and maybe someday I will get back into blogging for the creative writing and using it as an outlet but for now, I will wrap up my blog after these five weeks.


Thank you again and if you ever need a great brewery in Washington, come check out Whipsaw Brewing!


Also, here is a picture of my cat, Maui!



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